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"I am living in the Capuchin Convent, Hymettus before me, the Acropolis behind, the temple of Jove to my right, the Stadium in front, the town to the left, eh, Sir, there’s a situation, there’s your picturesque! …


"I have been journeying in different parts of Greece for these last four months, and you may expect me in England somewhere about April, but this is very dubious."

"I think, upon the whole, I was more grieved at leaving Greece, than England, which I am impatient to see, simply because I am tired of a long voyage."

"I shall begin by telling you, having only told it you twice before, that I swam from Sestos to Abydos."

"I am on my way to Constantinople after a turn through Greece Epirus &c and part of Asia minor, some particulars of which I have just communicated to our friend & Host H. Drury, with these then I shall not trouble you. –"

"I have just arrived at this place after a journey through Portugal, and a part of Spain, of nearly 500 miles."

"I am very happy here [Lisbon], because I loves oranges, and talk bad Latin to the monks ..."

The "Lisbon Packet" letter. Seemingly spontaneous, the letter is a fair copy, with one stanza to a page – though that doesn’t spoil the fun. [PSC]

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