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Hobhouse has written in every cranny of this sheet (40.4 x 32cm), including where the sealing- wax might, if ripped, destroy the text. [PSC]

"I have in my former sheets told you where I have been and what I have been doing, or rather not doing, for my life has, with the exception of a very few moments, never been anything but a yawn."

"I wrote to you to apprise Mr. Hanson (as I have done in a letter, but wish you to repeat my refusal) that I will not sell Newstead according to his suggestion."

Byron’s account of his meeting with Veli Pacha. [PSC]

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"My dear Hobhouse This very day two years we sailed from Inghilterra, so that I have completed the period I expected to be absent, though my wishes were originally more {extensive}."

"In the gentle dullness of a Summer voyage I shall converse with you for half an hour. – –"

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"Your last 2 letters of 1810 I have just received, they find me on my way homewards, in the beginning of June I sail in the Volage frigate with French prizes and other English ships of war in all I believe 6 or 7 frigates. – – –"

"Since the long visit I paid you in Chancery Lane, I have heard three times from Lord Byron – ...."

"I was Much Disepointed in Not seeing you in Town Not that I had aney Pertikuler Message from his Lordship But his Lordship Desired that i must see you if Possible ...."

"Though I neither know where you are or how you are, I write at a venture by way of Zante, as I have already done many times, indeed so often that I can’t afford you more than this present sheet –..."
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