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"I take the opportunity of sending this letter & your Ferman1 by a boat which will convey to Athens a bevy of my servants coming to carry off all my clothes vases &c which I left at that place when I came up here."

"I write to you a line to beg that you would take the trouble of sending your servant to the Waywode or Logotheti to enquire for any letters that may have come for me ...."

"I shall begin by telling you, having only told it you twice before, that I swam from Sestos to Abydos."

"In case of any accident befalling the letter which Mr. Hobhouse has in charge for you, I send a second merely to state that my own return will not take place for some time...."

"I have written twice briefly from this capital, from Smyrna, from Athens and other parts of Greece, from Albania, the Pacha of which province desired his respects to my mother, and said he was sure I was a man of high birth because I had 'small…

Even in Constantinople, Byron is concerned for the reception of English Bards. [PSC]

"I seize the opportunity of Mr. Hobhouse’s return to England to write a few lines, in the hope that they will find you well and as happy as philosophers are, and men ought to be. "

"They tell me the wind is too high for our expedition to Seraglio point...."

"I am just come from an expedition through the Bosphorus to the Black Sea and the Cyanean Symplegades, up which last I scrambled with as great risk as ever the Argonauts escaped in their hoy. "

"This letter will be delivered by Mr. Hobhouse ...."
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