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Matthews' fulsome response to the coded style of Byron's letter of 22 June 1809.

"I take the opportunity of sending this letter & your Ferman1 by a boat which will convey to Athens a bevy of my servants coming to carry off all my clothes vases &c which I left at that place when I came up here."

Hobhouse has written in every cranny of this sheet (40.4 x 32cm), including where the sealing- wax might, if ripped, destroy the text. [PSC]

"Conceiving a promise always to be sacred I never forgot the conversation you had with me last year on the 16th. of Sept."

"I write to you a line to beg that you would take the trouble of sending your servant to the Waywode or Logotheti to enquire for any letters that may have come for me ...."

"I have just heard that the Frigates will sail tomorrow morning early, and as I shall not therefore have an opportunity of seeing you before we meet in England I write you a line to wish you a pleasant voyage, ...."

Suleiman Aga seems to have lent Byron some money. Byron purchased some guns and a gold watch (the watch cost £31.10s) in London in 1813, in preparation for a Levantine journey that never transpired; so Suleiman Aga may have waited in vain. [PSC]

"Capitaine Ferguson tells me that he will perhaps touch Athens, in that case I hope he will bring me a letter of yours as he said you did mean to write to me before."

"I have just heard of the arrival and intended immediate departure of your boat, but as I wished to give you all the news now afloat here I have taken the liberty of stopping it, ..."

"In order to have nothing to reproch myself I write another letter having some reason to suppose the first was lost."
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