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"An opportunity occurring I write to mention that having received a firman for Ægypt &c. I shall proceed to that quarter in the spring."

"As I have just received a firman from the Porte enabling me to proceed to Ægypt & Syria I shall not return to England before I have seen Jerusalem & Grand Cairo."

"I have to thank you for a packet of letters by the hands of Mr. Hume."

"I have in my former sheets told you where I have been and what I have been doing, or rather not doing, for my life has, with the exception of a very few moments, never been anything but a yawn."

"I have been journeying in different parts of Greece for these last four months, and you may expect me in England somewhere about April, but this is very dubious."

"I wrote to you to apprise Mr. Hanson (as I have done in a letter, but wish you to repeat my refusal) that I will not sell Newstead according to his suggestion."

"Yours arrived on the first Inst. it tells me I am ruined."

"The Bearer of this, William Fletcher, has lived with me some years and served me very faithfully ...."

Byron’s account of his meeting with Veli Pacha. [PSC]

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"I have never been so near ['your Country'] since I left Duck Puddle."

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