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The Byron Online Project

The Byron Online Project -- now under construction --  will offer eventually to the Byron scholar and amateur alike a digital version of Byron's complete correspondence (using TEI). At present, the pilot stage of BOP explores the relationship between the letters Byron wrote during his Mediterranean Tour (1809-1811) and Childe Harold's Pilgrimage I-II according to the criterion of place name. How might digital mapping change the way we read Byron's letters and his famous topographical poem? How might such mapping better enable the reader to compare and contrast the two types of writing? As of August 2016, there are three exhibits under the Neatline rubric. Exhibit One maps the place names in Byron's Mediterranean letters, and Exhibit Two those in Childe Harold's Pilgrimage Cantos I-II. Exhibit Three presents all of the place names on a single map with the addition of digital tools for the reader's use and, it is hoped, pleasure.

The source for the diplomatic transcriptions of the correspondence is Peter Cochran's website:



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