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"Conceiving a promise always to be sacred I never forgot the conversation you had with me last year on the 16th. of Sept."

"I have just heard that the Frigates will sail tomorrow morning early, and as I shall not therefore have an opportunity of seeing you before we meet in England I write you a line to wish you a pleasant voyage, ...."

"Your last 2 letters of 1810 I have just received, they find me on my way homewards, in the beginning of June I sail in the Volage frigate with French prizes and other English ships of war in all I believe 6 or 7 frigates. – – –"

"I have seen here your third Edition of “E. B. & S. R.” and observe that it is printed on the very type you {rejected} for the second edition."

The first of four challenges which Byron issues at different times. [PSC]

Byron, about to set sail for Greece, describes Mrs Spencer Smith to his Mother.

Byron's first complaint of Hanson's lack of correspondence.
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