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"An opportunity occurring I write to mention that having received a firman for Ægypt &c. I shall proceed to that quarter in the spring."

"As I have just received a firman from the Porte enabling me to proceed to Ægypt & Syria I shall not return to England before I have seen Jerusalem & Grand Cairo."

"Yours arrived on the first Inst. it tells me I am ruined."

"The Bearer of this, William Fletcher, has lived with me some years and served me very faithfully ...."

"My affairs, I must own, seem desperate enough, I shall adjust them as far as in my power, & (after procuring a recommendation & appointment on Ld. Wellingtons or Genl. Grahams supernumerary staff ...."

"I understand by Mrs Byron That you have not Recd the money out of scotland that i was to be Paid out of, Therefore i fear i shall not get it all now. but I hope You’l be Kind annoughf to let me have a Part out of my Rents or something."

"In case Mr Hanson is from home I have only to inform you that Mr Hutton and three of his men are now in the House, and the goods will be sold off immediately, unless I can produce a delay ...."

"I did not intend to say any thing as I had nothing to say but when inclosing this letter, Hutton the Bailiff and two of his men arrived from Nottingham, how is this?"

"Mr Jones one of Lord Byrons Annuitants has arrested me, and myself and my Daughter are now at a Spunging House in Whych Street No. 51. ..."

"Since the long visit I paid you in Chancery Lane, I have heard three times from Lord Byron – ...."
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